Patagonia Video Part 3 is up!!!

Now that everyone is excited bored whatever’d about the new iPhone announcement, let’s take you to the newly released THIRD episode of my Patagonia vlog.  As a warning, the camera is a bit shaky in this one but the scenery starts to get seriously epic towards the end.  I also talk about math tricks, so really there’s no reason not to watch it.  See below, and go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Let me know how you like it!


  1. Great video Andy, and as always, fantastic pictures!

  2. Enjoying these! I’m going in November and definitely terrified of how physically intensive the trip will be!

    • I definitely did it the lazy way and still had a great time!

  3. Amazing pictures again! Is there any way you could make a post or video after the Patagonia series about how you edited these photos?

    • I will definitely consider it, maybe a YouTube live stream sometime!


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