Patagonia Video Part 4 is up!

I hope you enjoyed the third episode of my Patagonia adventure, now it’s time for Episode 4!  This is the one where nothing really went quite right, but mainly due to me being a total moron.  Either way it has some good pictures and one heck of a timelapse, so check it out and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!


  1. Hey Andy – I enjoy your blog and appreciate the recent expansion into video. My one suggestion is to make the investment for some sort of camera stabilizer. The videos are so shaky at times that they’re prone to giving me motion sickness. I’m not a camera or video expert by any means, but I think you can pick up a fairly good one for under $200 on Amazon.

    • I appreciate the feedback Brian! I’m one step ahead of you and have already acquired one which I’ll be taking with me on my next trip tomorrow!

      • Awesome – best of luck!

        • Also I’d be happy to take one of your shirts abroad sometime in exchange for a bottle or two 😉

          • Ha – nice! Let me see if I can dig one up. We haven’t used those in a couple of years. Will let you know!

          • I’d just take the wine too!

  2. Andy – I’m a fan of the blog and appreciate the expansion into video. Would suggest you invest in a camera stabilizer. The videos are so shaky in spots. Not an expert, but I think you can pick up a decent one for under $200.

  3. Whoops – sorry for saying the same thing twice!

  4. Awesome video. I was on the Argentina side of Patagonia 18 months ago, and this brought back a lot of great memories. Seems that both are desolate, windy, etc. Lots of similar trees and vegetation. Makes me want to go back!


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