American Airlines Business Class Review Video is live!

I’ve reviewed American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class before in this post but since I’m on a crusade to make better videos and get more followers than Casey Neistat I’m doing more videos about my travel!  (pssst…subscribe to the YouTube channel!)

Please leave me some feedback and let me know what you think about review videos like this and what you feel I could improve on, even if it’s “quit focusing on the videos they’re terrible and just take good pictures like we expect”.


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  1. I like to watch the videos to see your reactions to everything — and also to pretend I am on the flight. Fun! Also, I just got back from flying Delta One 767 to Paris and back, so my comparisons are fresh. [I’m not a foreign-carrier fan, not do I want a private suite or shower mid-air.] I think Delta and AA both have pretty nice products — comparable seats and amenities kits, for example. I happen to think most Delta long-haul crews are more passenger-friendly; but I’ve had some very good AA international crews, and I realize that can vary wildly from flight to flight. Thanks for the chance to fly (with you) again.


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