I know I know, this falls under the Should Be A Tweet category but I thought it was worth mentioning in a post.

The DFW Centurion Lounge, one of my favorite lounges in the USA, is closed until August 14th.  Womp womp.

What are my other options?

I’d hit up The Club with your Priority Pass access (and by The Club I mean the temporary one at the base of the escalator that would normally take you to the Centurion Lounge).  That’s obviously assuming you’re not flying American and/or have Admiral’s Club access, in which case I’d recommend the new Terminal A Admiral’s Club, probably even over American’s temporary Terminal D Premium Lounge.

Isn’t there a new Centurion Lounge opening soon anyway?  Is this related to that?

Yes there is and no I don’t think so.  What it probably means is there is some sort of delay with the new Centurion Lounge opening which is forcing Amex to make some repairs to the existing club (they were probably hoping the new club would be open in time to avoid making these repairs, but that’s pure conjecture on my part).


Yep, I agree.  Even though the Centurion Lounge is incredibly overcrowded at certain times of the day it’s still phenomenal and makes the Amex Platinum a mainstay in my wallet, even with the exaggeratedly exorbitant annual fee.

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