American announces MASSIVE expansion into Europe!

An hour ago American made my day.  They probably made your day too, if you’re a Europe enthusiast.

American added NINE routes to Europe for 2019, including nonstops to Munich from Dallas and Charlotte for the first time!

OMGOMGOMG what did they add?

In their press release American was kind enough to include a table that was super easy for me to copy and paste (since I still don’t know how to make a good table in wordpress).  The new services are as follows:

Route Aircraft Season Frequency
CLT–MUC* A330-200 Begins March 31 Daily
DFW–DUB* 787-9 June 6–Sept. 28 Daily
DFW–MUC* 787-8 June 6–Oct. 26 Daily
ORD–ATH* 787-8 May 3–Sept. 28 Daily
PHL–EDI* 757 April 2–Oct. 26 Daily
PHL–TXL* 767 June 7–Sept. 28 Four times weekly
PHL–BLQ* 767 June 6–Sept. 28 Four times weekly
PHL–DBV* 767 June 7–Sept. 27 Three times weekly
PHX–LHR 777-200 March 31–Oct. 26 Daily

*Subject to government approval

Greece?! Croatia?! Nonstops to Munich?!

AHHHHHH I know right?  American’s new routes to Prague and Budapest must be doing super well and I’m incredibly glad it prompted them to take some more looks at other routes in that part of the world.  I’m so excited about Munich specifically because one of my favorite places in the world is about a 3 hour drive from there.  You may have heard me talk about it over and over and over and over again.

this place

Ok calm down let’s talk about boring business-ey stuff

Pretty much all of these routes (and the aircraft flying them) make a ton of sense, maybe with the exception of using the 789 on the DFW-DUB route (probably a utilization play with some other routes utilizing that aircraft).  I gave American a hard time for flying DFW-Reykjavik because they’re almost assured never to make a profit but these new routes are a great mix of seasonal leisure and business routes.

Having a nonstop to Berlin will be a welcome addition for Oneworld flyers who hate connecting at Heathrow (which was basically a requirement since airberlin said auf wiedersehen.  Not really sure what the attraction to Bologna is, since American has nonstops to Milan and Venice already, but with the addition of the DFW-Rome nonstop it gives American a pretty thorough coverage of Italy, particularly northern Italy.

Selfishly I’m just really excited about more nonstops to Munich

American flies to Munich out of Philadelphia right now on a boring A330.  Flying from my home airport to Munich on a 788 is much more appealing to me and hopefully they’ll make the flight permanent instead of seasonal soon.  Honestly you should be excited too though because it means more pics from Austria!

These flights will go on sale August 27th so get your checkbooks ready!  American loves charging a premium for Europe and, well, they’ve proved that people will pay it I guess!

Which new route are you most excited about?  Tell me in the comments below!


  1. maybe a bit more balanced in your reporting that many of the so-called “new” routes are just being moved from other hubs ?

    • Many of these are net new routes from what I’ve seen

  2. Further evidence that AA should do all of us New Yorkers a favour and GTFO of town, and let a real airline run routes from JFK by selling its slots to Delta.

  3. Nice to see the new adds, especially DBV. However if you look at AA’s changes it’s actually a net negative overall. This is AA doing profitable flying in the summer to places it knows it can overcharge to. The AA 767s are in horrible shape but the leisure flyers on this route won’t care enough for it to change buyer behavior. pm-US was a machine when it came to cashing in on profitable TATL summer routes. The interesting add is CLT-MUC. LH has been there for a while and has a nice following in the region. Will be interesting to see if AA’s CLT hub can allow it to move in on LH’s FF base there. Big loser here is JFK and the continuation of ORD’s Asia drawdown.

  4. Now if only they would fly to Zurich again like they did in the early 2000s

    • They fly PHL ZRH year ’round.


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