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My full-time career is in finance, which means I spend a lot of time in New York City.  If there’s one consistency I’ve seen about finance people in New York City, it’s the vest.  Ever since I’ve been traveling there I’ve become a big fan of vests.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a vest enthusiast (bc that sounds pretty dorky) but I wear them fairly often during the 2-3 weeks of winter we get here in Texas.

Enter Bluffworks.  They’re based in New York City, the home of Vest Culture.  When I met Stefan, Bluffworks CEO, for a beer in New York City a few months ago he was wearing: a vest.  The logical conclusion?  The Bluffworks Horizon Vest.

The Bluffworks Horizon Vest

I was recently in Hong Kong and decided to bring the vest along for a little review.  Now, the critical and observant readers of this blog will no doubt recognize that Hong Kong isn’t exactly in a wintry climate so I needed to be in a place that was well air-conditioned.  How about Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel?

While I haven’t had a chance to take my own personal stock imagery like I usually do, Bluffworks was kind enough to provide some illustrations of the unique features of the Horizon Vest (they also used professional models, not an overweight Finance Bro travel blogger).

The main thing I love about Bluffworks is how versatile their clothing is without looking like “travel clothing”.  The number of pockets in the Horizon Vest continues that tradition.

My unfetteredly honest opinion about the Bluffworks Horizon Vest

Normally when it comes to Bluffworks I would put the clothing through some ridiculous test, like I have for previous products of theirs, but honestly I didn’t have the time, due to getting punched right in the work by my real job, so let me just wax some poetic about this great vest.

It’s full of pockets, so it’s versatile for travelers who need to keep things secure on the road.  You have to admit, it looks just as good as any other vest out there (if not better), I love the quilted pattern.  It’s light, airy, and very comfortable.  This is a winner of a vest.  Bluffworks has really hit their stride lately with a series of fantastic releases, I love my Gramercy Suit and wear it frequently, and the original travel pants are a mainstay when I’m on the road for business.

The great news is the Horizon Vest is now out of preorder stage and is ready to ship for the holidays!  It’s reasonably priced at $155 (at the time of this posting).  Order here!

What’s next for Bluffworks: denim and a women’s line!  I cannot wait to try their denim and tell you all about it!  I personally won’t be trying on their women’s line (you’re welcome) but hopefully I’ll be able to get some friends to try it on for a review and give you their thoughts!

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