American Airlines launched an exciting new line of amenity kits last week.  I’m pumped about the new amenity kits because American worked with a few different brands to come up with some unique and reusable kits that should really delight their premium travelers.

The new amenity kits will roll out starting February 15 in all premium cabins, which a very nice variety of brands and kit types for each premium cabin.

Make sure to read to the bottom of the post for sweepstakes information and how you could win some of the new kits before they launch on Friday!

American Airlines New International First and Business Class Amenity Kit by This Is Ground

This is Ground is a well-known leather accessory company who produced a wonderful and useful amenity kit for international First Class passengers.

International First Class Amenity Kit, picture by Andy Luten

The exterior of the kit is classic, with a small This Is Ground logo embossed into the leather.  It’s a pretty standard kit design, with a soft leather zipper pull.

International First Class Amenity Kit, picture by Andy Luten

Inside the kit you’ll find a row of lotions and skincare products by Allies of Skin.

International First Class Amenity Kit, picture by Andy Luten

Inside the other side of the kit is a large pocket containing a pen, eyeshade, socks, and a Mentos mint (nice touch), complete with classy embossed American logo on the inside.

International First Class amenity kit, picture by Andy Luten

My favorite addition to this amenity kit is a soft leather “cable taco” for the assortment of cable I inevitably bring with me on the road these days.

This Is Ground “cable taco”, picture by Andy Luten

The First Class kit will come in a variety of colors, as illustrated below in one of the American Airlines press release photos.

International First and Business Class amenity kits, picture courtesy of American Airlines

The Business Class kit is just a bit smaller than the First Class kit but is similarly designed by This Is Ground and will come in similar colors and feature similar skincare products from Allies of Skin.

American Airlines New Transcontinental First and Business Class Amenity Kit by Athletic Propulsion Labs

Athletic Propulsion Labs is a California-based shoe manufacturer whose products you’ve probably seen in Lululemon.  There are two different variants here, one is more of a pouch and the other is almost more of a clutch size, made of athletic-feeling material (it’s kind of hard to describe).

The Transcontinental Amenity Kits will feature skincare products by Zenology.

Picture courtesy of American Airlines

American Airlines New International Premium Economy Amenity Kits by STATE Bags

Premium economy has been a runaway success for American Airlines and the new amenity kits should be a hit as well.  The new kits are by STATE Bags (it really is an impressive mix of brands with which American worked this time around) and I have to say, they’re stylish, have skincare products by Baxter of California, and a couple of distinctive colorways.

Image courtesy of American Airlines

My thoughts

I love it when airlines work with atypical brands for amenity kits, rather than the usual Rimowa, etc.  I think these amenity kits are stylish and provide some useful bits for travelers to take on the road with them.  The one thing that I didn’t like was the credit card ad tucked in each one of them (ughhhhhh) but that’ll be easy to discard.

Now, the only thing left to do is give some of these away!

American Airlines Amenity Kit Sweepstakes: win a new amenity kit before they launch!

American Airlines will begin rolling these amenity kits out on February 15th, but why not give some away before then?  Wait, what’s that you say?  You want more than my usual one winner?  How’s three winners?!

  • Grand Prize: Amenity Kit Prize Pack

This will include three amenity kits: (1) nternational First Class Amenity Kit, (1) APL transcontinental First/Business Class Amenity Kit, (1) international Premium Economy Amenity Kit

  • Second Prize: international Business Class Amenity Kit
  • Third Prize: transcontinental First/Business Class Amenity Kit

How to enter the sweepstakes

The contest begins at 4:00pm CST February 12, 2019 and ends at 11:59pm CST February 14, 2019.

To enter, leave a comment below saying “I would like to enter the sweepstakes”.

On February 15th, an agent of Andy’s Travel Blog will use a random number generator to pick the third place prize, then the second place prize, then the grand prize, by correlating the comment number to the random-number generator result.

Entries are subject to the Sweepstakes Rules.  No purchase necessary to enter.  Prizes have no cash value.  Entry is limited to residents of the continental United States ages 18 or older.  Sweepstakes void where prohibited by law.

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