My New Favorite Picture of All-Time!

My New Favorite Picture of All-Time!

I was in Europe for about 10 days over the past couple of weeks for a mixture of work and play. As part of my photography habit I end up perusing through various sites and blogs and kept seeing the same place popping up over and over again. It was a beautiful iconic picture and I just knew I had to have it in my portfolio. When my work in Europe was done I had my chance to take it.

Dallas-Venice on US Airways Coach: Eurabia, Part II

I’ll be honest: this probably won’t be the most exciting flight report ever.  It was mainly US Airways international coach service on their A330.  There were no suites, no sliding doors, no showers, no caviar.  It’s a wonder how I survived, huh?  I know I know, I’m a bit spoiled, but at the end of the day whether I’m in the front of the plane or the back of it I’m still traveling!  I’ve always said I’d never let Coach stand in the way of a good trip, and plus I’d get to check out a new airline’s international service.  All of this is what I told myself to get me psyched up for what I was sure to be a big ol’ bucket of meh.



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