Easter Island, Part III: Mainly More Pictures of Easter Island

Well friends, I tried to cover quite a bit about Easter Island in Part I or Part II of this report.  Part II, crazily enough, took place almost entirely on the day of my arrival.  When you land and get settled into your lodging, there’s this moment where you sit there and say “ok, now what?”  The answer, obviously, was “look at statues.”  So I did.  As I settled into a muggy bedroom the first night, I had the same question: “What do I do tomorrow?”  The answer?  “Look at more statues.”

Easter Island, Part I: Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, and Coach

Easter Island.  Rapa Nui.  The very name invites intrigue and mystery.  The island is under Chilean sovereignty, where they call it Isla de Pascua (literally: Place Where People Look For Stone Faces). Before we get into the details, let’s cover some logistics. Where the heck is Easter Island? It’s one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth.  Quick, think of Santiago, Chile.  Ok, now, think of Tahiti.  Easter Island is about halfway between the two.  Still confused?  Let’s try this. Not helpful?  Ugh, fine, here it is a bit more zoomed out:



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