A new benefit for Amex Black Card holders at Centurion Lounges?

A new benefit for Amex Black Card holders at Centurion Lounges?

It has to be weird to have a Black card from American Express these days.  You don’t get that much material benefit over a Platinum card and the annual fee is $2,500, a full 5x what it costs for the Platinum card! One of the shared benefits of the Centurion Card and Platinum Card is access to the network of American Express Centurion Lounges.  Located at DFW, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle (a smaller concept), San Francisco, and soon to be Houston, these lounges are a step above the typical domestic lounge, with full buffets, premium booze, and special perks like massage treatments, wine tastings, etc. (depending on the lounge) I previously reviewed the DFW Centurion Lounge, you can check that out here. I’m currently sitting here at the Centurion Lounge in DFW and noticed some tables set up very nicely with big RESERVED signs on them. It turns out that some Centurion Card (Amex’s proper name for the Black card) members were upset that there was never any seating in the Centurion Lounge (at least in DFW, not sure about other clubs).  Their solution?  Tables in the lounge would be on permanent reserve for Centurion Card members. On one hand it was kind of annoying, since it was hard finding a place to sit, but on the other hand I totally get it and it’s a nice little perk for the Centurion Card members, one of the first perks they’ve received in a while from everything I’ve read. So, for… read more

Lufthansa First Class Terminal: Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part III

Recommended listening for this post: Common Ground by Andy McKee, it sounds like it was written about someone on a journey I’m back! You all have been so patient while I’ve been on my blogging sabbatical which I took in order to take care of a very complex project at my real job.  I love my clients, and this specific one deserved my full attention (the project is going to be a success and finish on schedule, for those wondering). So, where was I?  Oh yes.  I had just arrived at Frankfurt’s amazingly complex airport.  I was the first person to clear German customs that day and quickly scampered past the international transfers desk and into the arrivals area.  Why in the world would I leave the airport when my flight to Barcelona left after a relatively short (2.5 hours) layover?  Because it was time to make a return visit to Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal.  My first experience was eye-rollingly full of adverbs, and I made some rookie mistakes, but this time I’d do better, I told myself.



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