Hanoi, Vietnam: Throwback Trip Report, Part III

I arrived late at  night to Hanoi aboard a Dragonair A330.  It was a short flight, and like I mentioned in my last post I was so exhausted that I fell asleep when I first sat in my seat and had to be lightly shaken awake by the flight attendant after we had landed.  I had pre-arranged a taxi and I strongly recommend this, as the touts are out especially late at night and, as a caucasian, I kind of stood out. I used Hilton points to book a stay at…you guessed it…the Hanoi Hilton.  No, not that one.  They incredibly have a Hilton hotel in Hanoi, but they call it the Hilton Hanoi Opera to get away from the mental image of staying in a POW camp on your stay.  The room was spacious and large, and I immediately resumed my slumber, ready for the next day.



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