The Best Lounge in the USA? American Express’s new Centurion Lounge at DFW

At the beginning of a recent weekend trip to Europe (trip report in the works), I had the chance to check out American Express’s new Centurion Lounge at DFW International Airport.  Pictures to follow, but first, some build-up… Life as a frequent flyer based out of DFW I live in Dallas and my primary airport is DFW, the fortress hub of American Airlines.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  The pros include being a 3-3.5 hour flight from either coast, usually on a nonstop flight, and DFW is fairly easy to navigate.  The cons, though, can be severe at times.  American doesn’t really have to try that hard at DFW.  Take DFW-LGA, for example.  My daytime job as a financial software consultant has me in and out of New York fairly often, so I know the DFW-LGA market well.  American, for a long time, had a monopoly on nonstop flights on this route, and would routinely charge $200-300 more than its competitors, because they knew they could and they knew I (or, rather, my clients) would end up paying it.  Even when Delta recently started flying this route they couldn’t muster up more than a regional jet for it.  So most people just end up paying the premium for American (although we grumble like heck). Similarly, American’s lounges at DFW aren’t to the flagship standard of some of their other lounges.  There is not a Flagship First Class lounge at DFW airport.  Even though they have four Admiral’s Clubs, very… read more

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal: First Class 30th Birthday Trip, Part E

Planning Re-planning Lufthansa A330 Old First Class DFW-FRA Driving the Nurburgring Nordschleife Lufthansa First Class Terminal Oslo to celebrate Chris Guillebeau Singapore A380 Suites Class FRA-SIN Singapore Airlines Private Room and Singapore 777-300ER First Class SIN-HKG Hong Kong and the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui Cathay Pacific’s The Wing Lounge and 747 First Class HKG-SFO When it comes to First Class, the airlines are in a bit of an arms race, and we all benefit.  While many airlines want to cut service and reduce cost, they all carve out a little in the budget to take care of their Very Premium Customers.  These are the ones that pay thousands of dollars/euro/pounds/wampum for First Class seats and service.  Then there are people like me, who use points to do all of it for free.  But I digress. If you go to Lufthansa’s website, or look at the back of your First Class ticket, you’ll read about the myriad benefits available to First Class customers on zie airline.  They have a Business Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport in addition to a First Class Senator Lounge.  These are well-stocked, uniquely designed, and may or may not be reviewed here in a few days.  But there’s another service available to First Class customers flying Lufthansa.  Hidden off to the [whatever cardinal direction it is] is an experience unlike any other: Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal. First things first: how do you get to it?  Well, most of Lufthansa’s literature will say you have to be departing Frankfurt… read more



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