Ghent Belgium Destination Review

My friend Bethany and I continued our trip through Belgium by visiting the fantastic city of Ghent.  Ghent Belgium has all the Old Europe charm of Bruges without nearly as many tourists.  It’s a university town that loves its beer but all of it is smack in the middle of an amazing historical center with some amazing architecture. Our mission was to find one of Ghent’s many beer halls to sample some fine Belgian beers but we kept getting distracted by sudden and amazing architecture! We found our way to a great beer hall where we had some lovely beers.  A note, though: the beers are paid for in cash every round.  I tried to pay with a card and was lectured for 15 minutes by our waiter about who knows what, leading me to go walk for 20 minutes to find a cash machine.  Wasn’t the biggest inconvenience in the world, but holy geez I didn’t feel like I had earned that lecture.  The better news, though: the beer was EXCELLENT.  The waiter was as knowledgeable as he was rude and we ended up having some great beers.  On our way back to the hotel we saw yet another random amazing building just sitting there on the street. We stopped by the incredible Ghent Pavilion for some pictures.  The Pavilion is a very modern installation that looks even more modern because it sits in the middle of so much Old Europe architecture.  To me it kind of looks like… read more



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