The Best Airport Lounges in the World

The Best Airport Lounges in the World

Shower. Massage. Champagne. A Porsche to drive you to your plane.

All of these things are found at the best airport lounges in the world. The lounge visit is a crucial part of the travel experience for me, particularly when traveling internationally. There’s just something about having a quality meal, a few quality beverages, and a relaxing shower or massage that gets my mind right before I fly.

I get asked pretty frequently to talk about my favorite lounges in the world. I have not visited all of the great lounges out there but I’ve been to quite a few. Let’s take a look at my five favorite lounges and then I’ll tell you about some lounges I want to visit next.

My next trip!

Ladies and gentlemen (and by that I mean ladies), I hope everyone is doing well and traveling lots.  For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll notice a dearth of posts recently.  Well that’s all about to change. What I’ve Been Up To Well, I’ve been working.  Not really the most exciting way to begin a post, but I love my job, so it’s kind of exciting to me.  I’ve made a few small fun trips here and there, namely to the World Domination Summit in Portland with Jake Thompson from Compete Every Day, then to Los Angeles to watch the 2013 CrossFit Games.  For work, I made a return visit to beautiful Palo Alto and then spent a little time in New York City taking care of some really lovely clients. I also launched my co-site,, to help a select few people use their miles. The first trip I tried to book You guys and gals don’t realize how much I adore your readership and comments.  And the random checks for lots of money, those are fun too.  A few months ago I happened upon a one-way Business Class mistake fare from Seychelles to Dublin for $370.  Stupid cheap.  So I bought it, then tried to plan a trip around it.  Getting to Seychelles was the hardest part, because it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and unfortunately the news was bad: there was no award availability for the dates I needed.  It was a… read more



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