One of the most beautiful areas in the world

One of the most beautiful areas in the world

I pulled onto the hilltop and turned off the engine.  I had been driving for a while and was sure the car needed to breathe.  I think I needed to breathe as well.  This wasn’t any hilltop, after all.  It was my favorite hilltop in the world.  As I opened the door I was greeted with crisp mountain air as the memories of my visits in 2010 and 2013 came back.  The view was as good as I remembered. I was back.  Back in St. Gilgen, Austria. Read on for more!

Picture of the Week: Autobahn Sunset

Howdy!  I tried to look up a direct translation of “howdy” into Slovenian, but it kind of broke Google, so I’ll just stick with my first language, Texan. I’m in Bled, Slovenia, right now after a long day of flying and driving.  Tomorrow morning I’m hoping for good weather to go take pictures of Lake Bled (bucket list item for me), then it’s off to Hallstatt and St. Gilgen in Austria! I was driving along zie autobahn this evening and was astonished by the sun setting over the Alps in the background, so I stopped to grab a picture.  So here’s your picture of the week, autobahn at sunset!


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