Which Hotel Should You Pick at Frankfurt Airport?

Which Hotel Should You Pick at Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport is famous for making no sense at all.  Ah, you arrived in “Terminal B”?  Well, walk seven kilometers to Terminal Z.  Where’s Terminal Z?  Go to Terminal A.  On the other side of B.  Now turn upside down, take a four or so, then upwally almost past frizzton and before you know it, somehow you’re…right back where you started. I don’t know what that last bit meant either. My tip for navigating the airside part of Frankfurt Airport is to just blindly follow the signs, don’t try to make sense of them.  Many of you are in fact reading this while inside FRA hoping for that One Tip that will get you out.  Sorry, don’t have it for you, but I’ll be by in the Spring and will be sure to say howdy. All of the above refers to the airside (i.e. past security) part of the airport.  Landside is slightly less confusing. Slightly. On a recent trip I found myself in need of a room at FRA.  There are many “Frankfurt Airport hotels” but only a few that are actually connected to the terminal.  The rest require a surprisingly long shuttle ride. I had a fairly large amount of Hilton points sitting around and found out that both the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and the Hilton Garden Inn are connected to the terminal.  Since I’d just be spending a quick night before departing for New York the next morning on Singapore Airlines, I took a 30,000 point redemption… read more

To Middle Earth, Part I: Part One

Welcome back, to another trip report from Andy’s Travel Blog. This one is sure to be the absolutely best trip report I’ve ever written since the one about my round the world trip in April. If you read my post about my next trip, then you’re missing out on a bit of the surprise, but I went to: New Zealand! Home of Middle Earth, and…ummm…well, that’s what I was going to find out. So, how would I get there? Let’s start out with some philosophical banter on how I like to use miles. You need some objective way of determining how good of a deal you get when redeeming miles. A frequently used metric is cents per mile. This is found, unsurprisingly, by taking the number of cents a trip would cost and dividing it by the number of miles it would take for an award ticket. Lots of credit cards will let you use their points to purchase airline tickets at 1 cent per mile (cpm), so that’s the absolute minimum I’d want to use for an award ticket. In other words, if it’s less than 1cpm, it makes more sense (to me) to just buy the ticket. Now, I live in Dallas, and American never really has any reason to discount fares out of DFW, so there are times I’ve had to spend a bunch of miles on an award ticket when I didn’t want to drop a ton of money on a ticket, so it happens. It’s… read more



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