Which Hotel Should You Pick at Frankfurt Airport?

Which Hotel Should You Pick at Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport is famous for making no sense at all.  Ah, you arrived in “Terminal B”?  Well, walk seven kilometers to Terminal Z.  Where’s Terminal Z?  Go to Terminal A.  On the other side of B.  Now turn upside down, take a four or so, then upwally almost past frizzton and before you know it, somehow you’re…right back where you started. I don’t know what that last bit meant either. My tip for navigating the airside part of Frankfurt Airport is to just blindly follow the signs, don’t try to make sense of them.  Many of you are in fact reading this while inside FRA hoping for that One Tip that will get you out.  Sorry, don’t have it for you, but I’ll be by in the Spring and will be sure to say howdy. All of the above refers to the airside (i.e. past security) part of the airport.  Landside is slightly less confusing. Slightly. On a recent trip I found myself in need of a room at FRA.  There are many “Frankfurt Airport hotels” but only a few that are actually connected to the terminal.  The rest require a surprisingly long shuttle ride. I had a fairly large amount of Hilton points sitting around and found out that both the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and the Hilton Garden Inn are connected to the terminal.  Since I’d just be spending a quick night before departing for New York the next morning on Singapore Airlines, I took a 30,000 point redemption… read more

Planning: Eurabia, Part I

Well friends, it’s here, my latest trip report!  Come along as I traverse Europe and make a quick stopover in the Middle East on my way home. Onus Man that’s a weird subject heading isn’t it?  Anyway, the onus for this trip was simple: I needed to use 2 nights at any Hyatt in the world, and I needed to do it by the end of June.  Now, I can hear you saying “Andy, that doesn’t mean you have to go to Europe and the Middle East just to stay at a hotel.”  If that’s you, then welcome to my blog!  I’ve taken trips for far more random of a reason than hotel nights, check out my Trip Reports for those stories. My target for the Hyatt nights was the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.  It’s one of the nicest Hyatt properties in the world, definitely an “aspirational” stay.  I had the nights, I could get the flights, all I needed to do was find the right dates.  I always try to take advantage of federal bank holidays, as my office is closed, which means I get a free day without having to use PTO!  The U.S. Memorial Day holiday was quickly approaching, so that weekend in May became my target.  I eventually figured out the dates that would work at the Park Hyatt, secured those dates, then started looking at flights.  I didn’t just want to go to Paris.  You guys know me by now, I want it to be… read more

Halong Bay, Vietnam: Throwback Trip Report, Part IV

Well, like I mentioned in the video (what do you think of the video by the way?  I know the production value is crap, working on it), After a couple of days in Hanoi I made my way to Halong Bay.  Halong Bay is simply one of the most incredible places on earth.  It features over 2000 limestone karsts that dot the entire bay.  There’s obviously a big tourism draw to it, but even more incredible is the life it supports.  There are fishing villages and towns that exist entirely on the water, to the degree that some say people are born, raised, and die in the villages without ever touching solid land!  I read that on the internet so it has to be true.



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