Hong Kong: Throwback Trip Report, Part II

Hong Kong is an energetic melting pot of the western world and the Far East.  There’s no city quite like it.  I don’t think it’d be out of bounds to call it a gateway to modern Asia in fact.  A British colony until 1999, it is now considered a Special Autonomous Region of China, who allow the Hong Kong government a bit of freedom in handling their own affairs. Hong Kong consists of a few different parts: Lantau, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the New Territories.  Lantau is and island to the west and contains, among other things, Hong Kong International Airport, Disneyland, and the Tian Tan Buddha (also called the Big Buddha).  From the airport, you can either take taxis out to the myriad destinations on Lantau or hop on public transit to the rest of Hong Kong.



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