Picture of the week: Fireworks in Dallas

Picture of the week: Fireworks in Dallas

This week’s picture of the week comes from Dallas, Texas.  A curious event takes place around this time every year during the annual State Fair of Texas: two universities (University of Oklahoma and University of Texas) compete in football and for some reason they infest Dallas with all of their fans.  I went to a university that dislikes both schools so I usually try to leave town for this specific weekend, but I couldn’t make it work with my schedule this year, so I was in Dallas. As part of being a developing photographer I like putting myself in new photographic situations.  An example was last Friday night, when a buddy of mine (Brian Braun) told me they would be doing a fireworks display from Reunion Tower in Dallas.  I had never taken pictures of fireworks before, so I figured I’d go give it a shot.  The below is the result, and I found it much easier than I thought to get a good picture of the fireworks! I put my Sony a7 on my Mefoto Globetrotter tripod and started shooting.  The below is from the grand finale.

Sunday Picture Post – Dallas’s Klyde Warren Park

Went out to Dallas’s new Klyde Warren Park, which covers a highway near downtown Dallas.  Enjoyed getting some long exposure shots at night and hope that you will too! When you’re reading this, I’ll most likely be at Machu Picchu, so hopefully you can look forward to some great pictures from Peru soon! And, my favorite!   Best, Andy



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