Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part V: Spontaneity (St. Gilgen, Austria)

I generally pride myself on being a solid speller and grammaristicianizationer.  I will happily admit, however, that ‘spontaneity’ is one of those words that just never looks quite right, no matter if it’s spelled correctly or not. Whenever I plan trips, there needs to be an element of “epicness” to them, or else I won’t go.  There has to be something that compels me to either the journey or the destination.  Spontaneity can be very compelling, especially to a place that has your heart.

Barthelona: Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part IV

Yeah yeah, I know I misspelled Barcelona.  I learned Spanish here in the states and have never gotten used to their lisp. In the intro to this report I mentioned that I grow tired at times of traveling alone.  There’s something to be said for solitude, but we were created for community, and things are generally best when shared.  So, after a short stint at the First Class Terminal, I boarded my flight to Barcelona.  It was a really normal flight to Barcelona, a brief meal was served in Business Class (which is really just economy class with the middle seat blocked off).  The meal was so brief, in fact, that I slept through it.  I was, however, awoken for a coffee by the flight attendant as we began our descent.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal: Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part III

Recommended listening for this post: Common Ground by Andy McKee, it sounds like it was written about someone on a journey I’m back! You all have been so patient while I’ve been on my blogging sabbatical which I took in order to take care of a very complex project at my real job.  I love my clients, and this specific one deserved my full attention (the project is going to be a success and finish on schedule, for those wondering). So, where was I?  Oh yes.  I had just arrived at Frankfurt’s amazingly complex airport.  I was the first person to clear German customs that day and quickly scampered past the international transfers desk and into the arrivals area.  Why in the world would I leave the airport when my flight to Barcelona left after a relatively short (2.5 hours) layover?  Because it was time to make a return visit to Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal.  My first experience was eye-rollingly full of adverbs, and I made some rookie mistakes, but this time I’d do better, I told myself.

Lufthansa First Class ORD-FRA: Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part II

Recommended listening for this post: I’m Not Alright, by Shinedown (for everyone who tells me I’m nuts for taking weekend trips to Europe) Lufthansa currently has quite a few variants of First Class seating, “hard product” is the term.  Earlier this year I flew their oldest product (it closely resembles Rimowa luggage) on an A330.  It was a perfectly good experience, but it didn’t really have that punch/pizzazz/whatever that makes for really good blog posts.  I had to do better, I told myself.

Weekend Jaunt to Europe, Part I: Planning

New feature!  Suggested listening for this post: Counting Stars, by Onerepublic I don’t really need a huge or massive reason to plan a trip.  Earlier this year, I flew around the world to celebrate my 30th birthday as well as a blogger I follow’s successful completion of a goal to visit every country in the world by his 35th birthday.  Later, I went to New Zealand mostly on a whim simply because I found First Class availability on Qantas from Sydney-Los Angeles and built a trip around it.  There was one common theme on these trips, though: I went alone.



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