Picture of the Week: Downtown Manhattan

Picture of the Week: Downtown Manhattan

This week’s PotW is brought to you by my new Sony a7rII, for which I saved up for quite a while and couldn’t be happier with! I had often seen pictures of Manhattan taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park but had never been over there myself.  I decided to change that and luckily finished up at my client early enough to head down there.  I was with about 100 other photographers all trying to take the same shot, so there’s no doubt you’ve probably seen something similar to this shot before, but it’s the first time you’ve ever seen me take it 🙂 Here it is, Downtown Manhattan! For the photographers: This was a six-shot panorama with my Sony a7rII and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens, the sharpest lens I have.  Each shot was 8 seconds at f8, ISO 100.  I put them into Lightroom, did my edits to the middle picture and sync’d the edit across all six images, then I stitched the shots together in Lightroom (using their new panorama feature, which I really like!). I took the image into Photoshop briefly to apply some High Pass sharpening then it was back to Lightroom for some graduated filters to draw attention to the glow of the skyline.  Looking forward to setting the print in of this one!

You Know What? Go See the Touristy Stuff

I like tourist sites.  There, I said it.  I don’t know why that’s so controversial. I guess, as a world-renowned travel blogger (using the terms “world-renowned” and “travel blogger” loosely), I’m supposed to be a contrarian and tell you not to go to a restaurant in Paris that has an English translation of their menu.  To avoid Times Square if you’ve already been.  To “get out of the tourist area” to “live like the locals”.  I don’t get it.



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