Tokyo: Throwback Trip Report, Finale

After the, um, surprising experience at Halong Bay, I spent a quiet day in Hanoi partly at a spa and then at the sports bar in the Hilton before catching a taxi to the airport and checking in for my red-eye flight to Tokyo.  I was going to be catching a First Class flight on American Airlines from Tokyo-Dallas, and Japan Airlines had an overnight flight (albeit in Business Class, poor me) that would get me there in time to see Tokyo for a bit before flying home.  The only downside is that I landed in Tokyo very early in the morning after flying all night.  True to form, I wasn’t incredibly well-rested and didn’t have much of a plan for how to get where I wanted to go.

The Forbidden City: Great Mileage Run of China, Finale

No visit to Beijing is complete without spending at least 3-4 days there.  I completely whiffed on that one, spending a total of about 40 hours in Beijing.  But another thing everyone says you have to visit is the Forbidden City.  Located in the middle of Beijing, just north of Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City is a massive complex of almost 1000 buildings, countless artifacts, and some sweet roofing (see above).



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