Embrace the Turbulence: A Lavatory Explosive

Embrace the Turbulence: A Lavatory Explosive

A few days ago someone asked me why I blog. My response was “I enjoy sharing stories of life on the road with my readers” and I think that’s accurate. Having said that, I think the time has come to invite new voices to share their stories, since there are so many interesting people with whom I cross paths in the skies!

I’d like to introduce you to my good friend The Travel Director (she’s headquartered at www.thetraveldirector.com, on Facebook at The Travel Director, and on Instagram at @thetraveldirector). What is The Travel Director, you ask? Straight from her mouth:

The Travel Director is an extension of the event planning industry and is hired on a contractual basis by third-party event planning companies as an extension of their team. Fueled by wanderlust, this “warrior of the sky” travels the globe executing high-end events at a first class level.

As we’ve traded stories over the past month or so, The Travel Director has graciously agreed to share some of her favorites with Andy’s Travel Blog. So, without further ado, please welcome The Travel Director!