Halong Bay, Vietnam: Throwback Trip Report, Part IV

Well, like I mentioned in the video (what do you think of the video by the way?  I know the production value is crap, working on it), After a couple of days in Hanoi I made my way to Halong Bay.  Halong Bay is simply one of the most incredible places on earth.  It features over 2000 limestone karsts that dot the entire bay.  There’s obviously a big tourism draw to it, but even more incredible is the life it supports.  There are fishing villages and towns that exist entirely on the water, to the degree that some say people are born, raised, and die in the villages without ever touching solid land!  I read that on the internet so it has to be true.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Throwback Trip Report, Part III

I arrived late at  night to Hanoi aboard a Dragonair A330.  It was a short flight, and like I mentioned in my last post I was so exhausted that I fell asleep when I first sat in my seat and had to be lightly shaken awake by the flight attendant after we had landed.  I had pre-arranged a taxi and I strongly recommend this, as the touts are out especially late at night and, as a caucasian, I kind of stood out. I used Hilton points to book a stay at…you guessed it…the Hanoi Hilton.  No, not that one.  They incredibly have a Hilton hotel in Hanoi, but they call it the Hilton Hanoi Opera to get away from the mental image of staying in a POW camp on your stay.  The room was spacious and large, and I immediately resumed my slumber, ready for the next day.



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