I love reading trip reports.  From the Trip Reports Forums at Flyertalk and Milepoint, to the various bloggers that masterfully craft tales of their award travel around the world, there is some seriously great writing out there.

One of the most commonly blogged about lounges is The Private Room at Singapore’s Changi International Airport (I’ve actually blogged about it myself).  It’s a great lounge and deserves its accolades.  Amol over at Hack My Trip posted a great review of the Private Room today and I saw it there again.

This chair (picture from hackmytrip.com

I guess there’s no unique travel insights to this post, it’s just funny to always see this chair no matter who does the trip report.  I actually sat in that very chair during my visit, so it always brings back good memories for me!

Anyways, back to travel, everyone have a good day!




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