What should I do in Singapore?

To Singapore!

To Singapore!

To my newfound Singaporean followers,

I’d like to visit your country in the next few months.  Can some of you chime in with recommended places to visit and things to do in the “Little Red Dot”?  I know there are plenty of online resources for this sort of thing, but I think it would be fun to let all of you help me plan my trip out there.  I’d be looking at 4-5 days there.

Leave ideas and recommendations in the comments!




  1. Will you take a tip from a Texan? 🙂

    Go visit my friend Daniel Goh at Smith Street Taps / Good Beer Company in the Chinatown Hawker center. I’ll tell my friends Nik and Gemma to come visit too.

  2. Chili Crab is a good complement to beer.

  3. Go to a hawker center, look for the longest line, and get one of whatever everyone else is waiting for. Eat. Then repeat.

  4. Enjoy one of the best Airports in the world – Visit Dempsey Hill for Black Pepper Crab – Walk the trails on Mount Faber – At night walk around the Marina Bay Sands and enjoy the Power kite flyers at their best – Enjoy a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel – Mussels and Beer and Robertson Quay… What are your interests.? I can try and guide..!


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