Cadillac CTS-V at Sewell Cadillac in Dallas

Cadillac CTS-V at Sewell Cadillac in Dallas

Cadillac and American have teamed up for a good great offer: test drive a Cadillac and receive 7500 AAdvantage miles!

See below for offer details.

It’s actually pretty easy: call the Concierge number, which is 844-469-2234, to set up your test drive.  Your miles will hit in 4-6 weeks.

You should definitely do this, even if you don’t have an impending award you need to book, because it’s free, easy, and it will reset the 18-month expiration clock on your miles!  To buy this amount of miles would cost you $220 before taxes at current rates, so this really is a no-brainer.

Full offer details, along with terms and conditions, are at American’s offer page.

Go test drive a great car!  Let me know which model you try and what you think of it.

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