My dad died from cancer when i was eight years old.  I still miss him every day all these years later.  As such, I have a soft spot for people who have great relationships with their dads, it warms my heart.  Which brings us to trip reports.

View from an airplane window

View from an airplane window

I think I write pretty good trip reports.  Instead of a fact-based “here’s what the seat looked like” and “here’s what the hotel looked like” report, I like to tell stories of things I did in the places I go.  Most of my pageviews come from trip reports, so I think most of you agree.

I want to draw special attention to a trip report in progress that isn’t mine.  Ben, from BoardingArea blog One Mile at a Time, is taking his dad on a First Class round the world trip for his “round” birthday.  Ben’s dad is a German-American with a heck of an accent and had no idea where they were going or what they were doing, he trusted Ben to plan it all out, to the degree that he pretty much showed up with a passport and suitcase and would only find out the next destination when they arrived at the airport.

Here’s a link to the post (with video) where his dad was about to find out their first destination.

Ben, keep up the great work and thanks (from all of us who can no longer do things like this for our fathers) for taking your dad on an amazing adventure.

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