I have a good buddy named Jason who realized he was going to finish a few segments short of American Airlines Platinum status this year (see my handy guide for understanding AAdvantage status here).  He decided to do a segment run yesterday to secure his status.  Jason is one of the most Facebook friends I know, and he documented the trip honestly probably much better than I would’ve.

I’ve done mileage runs before, including being stranded on a beach in St. Thomas for a night (which is actually way scarier than it sounds), and by the end of them I’m usually run pretty ragged.  Jason did a 6 segment run mostly within the state of Texas, which I simply cannot imagine.

His pictures captured it perfectly.  They perfectly capture the progression from “Awesome!” to “wow I have a lot of flights left” to “This is the dumbest thing in the world”.

Anyway, he started his journey early yesterday morning and was home in time for dinner, so congrats Jason and enjoy Platinum status!  I’m going to shoot for Executive Platinum next year, so you and I might be mileage-run buddies soon.

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