This week’s picture comes from Ghent, Belgium.

We weren’t here for long, just a night, but really enjoyed the compactness of the city center and its fantastic architecture. While walking near a cluster of old buildings the town pavilion jumped out to us as a relatively modern piece of architecture in the midst of a bunch of old buildings.

Whenever a piece of architecture jumps out to me I make a mental note to come back and photograph it, and that’s exactly what I did. I went into the pavilion and pointed my wide-angle lens straight up. I really liked the asymmetrical lines and the modern touches.

So here’s the Picture of the Week: The Ghent Pavilion

The Ghent Pavilion, by Andy Luten

The Ghent Pavilion, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: I travel with a meFOTO Globetrotter tripod which extends out really low.  I had my Sony a7 with the 16-35mm widened out to 17mm for this shot.  ISO 100, f11, 10 second exposure.

For everyone that’s curious:

Here’s what the building looked like from the outside.

Outside of the building

Outside of the building




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