Hey everybody! I was out at Cars and Coffee in Dallas yesterday (it’s the first Saturday of each month). The weather was beautiful which meant it was absolutely packed with people. I didn’t have my wide-angle lens with me (a good buddy is borrowing it for a trip to Turkey), so instead I brought my 70-200 telephoto lens and tried getting some good detail shots.

I’ve long loved Ferraris. There’s something about just about all of them that is elegant and refined, especially compared to the gaudy Lamborghinis of the world.

Anyway, nothing outlandishly cool about this one, I tried to let the prancing horse speak for itself, so I used some different processing techniques to make everything else a bit darker in hopes that the emblem would stand out that much more.

Ferrari's Prancing Horse emblem, by Andy Luten

Ferrari’s Prancing Horse emblem, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: This was shot at 200mm standing about 4 feet away from the vehicle.  Exposure time was 1/800 at f4.0 and ISO 100.  I have to take it into Photoshop to get rid of some water spots around the head of the horse, but other than that everything was done in Lightroom.

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