I’ve always meant to go out and take a picture of Lakewood Theater in Dallas’s eastern subdivision called, you’ll never believe this, Lakewood.  By a small coincidence I’m working with an interior designer on some prints for a client of theirs and they wanted some black and whites of stuff around this area.  Shooting black and whites is waaaay different than color, so it all gave me a good excuse to go out shooting.  Here’s what I came up with, Lakewood Theater.

Lakewood Theater

Lakewood Theater

For the photographers: This is actually a vertical panorama consisting of 5 shots.  I like doing this when I know I’m going to need to blow up a picture to maintain maximum resolution.  The shots were 1/80 of a second at f22 (so the sunrays would look like they do) at ISO 100.  I converted to black and white using Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2



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