Sorry for the late post (many of you have told me you refuse to eat on Sundays until the Picture of the Week is posted in some sort of bizarre form of protest and/or loyalty) but I have a great black and white picture for you this week!

A good friend of mine, whose opinion I value dearly (although I’d never tell him that), encouraged me to do more black and white stuff as a challenge of sorts, since I’m known to saturate my colors a bit intensely.  Challenge accepted, good friend.

This is from my recent trip to Singapore.  I wish it was one of many hundreds of awesome pictures I got while I was there, but truth be told I took exactly 66 pictures the week I was there.  I was very much there for work and was exhausted at the end of every day, too much so to go out picture-hunting (just means I need to go back soon!).  Anyway, here’s the picture!

Black and White Singapore

Black and White Singapore

For the photographers: This is a panorama of I think 5 vertical images stitched together using Lightroom CC’s new panorama tool.  They were all shot with my 55mm at f8, ISO 100, and 1/320 second exposure.  I did all my edits in Lightroom, then merged to panorama, then did some more edits, then did the black and white conversion using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 on the Full Spectrum preset.  Then I did some more editing.


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