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The other day I finally made the decision to order some lenses for my iPhone 6 from Moment Lens.  Moment touts itself as a professional-grade lens manufacturer, and the reviews I read were positive.  They arrived yesterday and I wanted to tell you a quick review of the Moment Lens lenses.

(disclaimer: this is not a paid or endorsed post.  I paid full price for these lenses and this review hasn’t been approved or anything similar by Moment, Inc.)

In case you’re tired of reading already, I made a video of the unboxing and some initial image samples as well.

18mm Wide Lens


The Wide Lens is the reason I became interested in the Moment line of lenses in the first place.  I like the iPhone’s camera but, being primarily a landscape and cityscape photographer, I always wish things were a bit wider.  It’s especially great for shots of people because you can get more of the environment into the shot.  Here’s what it looks like when attached to the Moment Case for the iPhone 6.

There’s very little distortion and no chromatic aberration in the pictures I’ve seen so far.  I put my iPhone on a tripod mount and took a picture without a lens and with the Wide Lens so you can see the difference.

60mm Telephoto Lens

I LOVE the telephoto lens more than I thought I would.  Here’s why: the iPhone 6 has an 8 megapixel camera.  What that means is the camera takes an image with 8 million pixels in it.  If you ever zoom into an image with your camera, what you’re doing is cropping the image, so taking 8 million pixels and reducing the image to 4 million pixels by “zooming in”.  You’ll see something up close, sure, but it’s not as high-quality of an image.

The telephoto lens zooms for you and your image still has 8 million pixels.  I imagine that was horribly confusing, but here are some images that say the same thing.

25mm (10x) Macro Lens

This is an interesting one that I’m honestly still on the fence about.  Imagine putting a massive magnifying glass on your lens and that’s what this lens does.  Now, on my Sony a7rII I have a 90mm Macro lens that I can also use as a portrait lens.  This is not the same.  You have to be close to your subject for this lens to focus properly.  And when I mean close, I mean REALLY CLOSE.  Like the subject needs to almost be touching the diffuser close.  It’s a bit hard to focus, but man when you do the detail is fantastic!

Initial impressions

I’m impressed with the build quality of the Moment lenses.  The lenses have a professional feel and a sort of “density” that exudes quality and craftsmanship.  They will take a bit of getting used to, but I’m looking forward to using these in a real world environment instead of tripod shots of random bottles of whisky in my condo.

Actually, I’m heading out to Denmark tomorrow, and I’ll be taking my lenses with me, so stay tuned for a real world review!

For more information, check out Moment Lens at: www.momentlens.co

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