What renting a Silvercar in Denver is really like

Last year (almost to the day, randomly enough) I did a review of Silvercar, the popular new car rental service that exclusively rents silver Audi A4s (Denver location also rents Q5 SUVs for the skiers UPDATE: this is no longer the case).

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

I went back to Colorado over the weekend with some buddies to enjoy shoulder season rates at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and we had an absolute blast.  As part of that, I decided to take advantage of the current Silvercar promo where any rental of 3 days or longer gets one day free (promo code is FREEAFTER3, good until 11/25/15).

I’ve been trying to produce more video content for the blog, so I put together a little 4-minute review of the Silvercar renting experience so you can see what it’s like at Denver International Airport.  Hope you enjoy!

[disclaimer: this is not a paid post for Silvercar.  All opinions are my own, none have been endorsed, seen, edited, or otherwise approved by Silvercar]


  1. Any idea how the Q5 rentals work? If I select dates on the calendar, it’s not like it shows two options or two prices. It just shows the one price.

    • Hey Michael, I’m reaching out to Silvercar. I wonder if they quietly did away with the Q5 rentals because I couldn’t find anything on their site either.

  2. Hi guys,

    I recently did an in-depth analysis of Silvercar compared with regular car rental companies. I can confirm that they are not offering the Q5 this year. They said this might change but nothing confirmed at this stage.


    • Thanks so much Dave! I’ll update the article accordingly.

  3. I love Silvercar! I try to use them at any airport I fly into where they are available. As a nod to them, earlier this year, (February 2015), I rented from the Denver location. After an afternoon of shopping downtown with family, just as we were about to head up to Breckenridge we had an issue with the trunk. It wouldn’t close. It looked as though the locking mechanism had actually gotten stuck (maybe frozen?) in the lock position. I called the office and in less than an hour a driver had come out to me with a new A4. After he tried his best to repair the lock and after a few calls back to home base we were loaded into the new car and on our way. Excellent customer service and all around great company!

    • That’s awesome! I love hearing stories of companies standing by their customers.

      • Hey Andy,

        Thank you for the insightful review.

        Do you by chance have a referral code for new customers to use so that you get a referral credit when a new customer signs up with your code?

        Best regards

  4. our experience wasn’t as pleasant. This was at Denver airport- first off the instructions for getting to the car from baggage check is WRONG.. they steer you to the wrong waiting area and the shuttle will not stop for you there. It was like 6 degrees and dark. This wasn’t fun. We tried to call and txt silver car — no response at all for 45 minutes. When we did find where the shuttle was picking up people, there was like 15 people waiting and the shuttle only had room for about 4 or 5. This was a horrible experience. When we finally got in touch with Silvercar they had no solution to this issue and made no apology. This occurred on 12/18/16


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