Thank you for an amazing 2015!

I just have to say it: thank you!  I’m interrupting your New Year’s celebration I know, but bear with me just for a bit.

Andy’s Travel Blog is a one-man shop.  I’ve written all 332 posts and taken almost every one of the 3000 pictures ever featured here.  I’m not perfect, sometimes my writing sucks, sometimes the posts just aren’t that interesting, and other times I hit dry spells with posting.  Thank you for your patience and your willingness to stick around.

Over 75,000 visitors stopped by in 2015!  That means so much to me.  I know I say thank you a lot on the blog, but hopefully you can live with me saying it once more.  What means more to me than a certain number of visitors is hearing numerous stories about how my stories have inspired others to travel and see the world, THAT is the best feeling ever!

I do this for you, my readers.  Thank you for bringing my stories and my pictures into your life.  Happy New Year and blessings to all of you, I will see you next year!

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Bathroom selfie!


Andy Luten
Dallas, Texas


  1. You’re welcome!

  2. Keep up the great blog!

    Love the photos and the creative trip-planning.

  3. Thank YOU for the terrific pictures and being so interactive with the readers in the comments section.


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