Hello faithful readers!  The Picture of the Week was a bit delayed this weekend so I thought I’d throw a mid-week picture at you.  During my recent mileage run to Hong Kong I captured a panorama of the skyline just after the light show was done (for the photographers, I’ll detail my process in another post).  Because of the way I shoot panoramas I ended up with a truly massive file, over 140 megapixels!  To give you an idea of how big it is, the dimensions of the picture at full resolution are 57 inches long by 27 inches tall!

I’ll do something special for this one.  I’ll show you the picture below, but if you’d like to zoom in a little further, I’ll give you a link to the full-sized image.  As a warning, it’s a massive file (48 MB) but it’s fun to zoom in and see little details (although unfortunately when you zoom in it’s a little blurry, sorry bout that).  You can see the image below, and here’s the link to the full-sized version: Please only use for non-commercial purposes


Hong Kong Panorama (not full-size)

Hong Kong Panorama (not full-size)



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