Hello friends!  I was just north of Houston, Texas, this weekend for the beautiful wedding of my beautiful cousin.  North of Houston is a lake called Lake Conroe.  I couldn’t resist stopping by and finding the perfect place for a sunset shot over the lake.  I wish the sky would’ve been more dramatic but I’m really happy with how the image turned out!

(Sorry for the delay in the post, I was traveling all weekend and didn’t have a way of getting the post up)

Sunset at the Lake

Sunset at the Lake

For the photographers: The goal here was trying to find an interesting foreground element.  Without the planter on the right I would’ve just had a dock and a sunset, which isn’t as interesting.  Always look in the fore-, middle-, and background of your image to make sure it’s interesting all the way through.  This was a simple snap from my Sony a7rII with the Sony 16-35mm attached zoomed to somewhere between 20-24mm.  I shot it at f16 so the sun would burst a little bit, but of course I got some weird-looking lens flares because of how dirty my lens was, oh well!



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