It’s no secret that I enjoy using Silvercar.  I’ve written a post about the experience here and even did a step-by-step on renting from their Denver location here.

Just got a heads up from Silvercar that they’re extending their current offer to 20% off for rentals starting on or before May 15 with promo code SPRING20.

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

If you’ve never used Silvercar, it’s a great service.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • They only rent one type of vehicle: Silver Audi A4s
  • All rentals include GPS, satellite radio, and wifi (!)
  • Tolls are billed directly to you, no additional transponder fees
  • The best part: gas is charged at market rate, plus a flat $5 fill-up fee.  Just drop your car off and go!

It really is that simple.  If it’s your first time renting with them, you can use a friends referral code to get $25 off your first rental.  Combine that $25 off your first rental with this offer and you could save big money on a luxury experience!

If you have a referral code please leave it in the comments below so people can use it!

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