Back in January American Airlines announced a partnership with Cole Haan to develop their new amenity kit, in conjunction with some other brands like C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and 3LAB Skincare.

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Before this kit American had their Heritage amenity kit, with the inside border and socks matching the livery colors of one of their 23423982387429376428937 legacy airlines.  I really liked those kits because they were very distinctly American and helped tell a story about the history of the airline (pictured below).

I recently had the chance to fly on American’s 787 from Beijing back to Dallas on the 787 Dreamliner and it was a great flight (report coming soon!). As part of the flight I received one of American’s new Cole Haan amenity kits.  I had my macro lens with me so I could take a close up look at the new kit.  Let’s take a look.

american airlines amenity kit

Cole Haan branding

american airlines amenity kit

Another look

I had seen the kits in pictures and they looked pretty nice.  If nothing else they were colorful, which I liked since most amenity kits are different shades of gray.  The dopp kit felt nice enough and had a semi hardshell sort of feel to it.  But I couldn’t find any American Airlines branding anywhere!

american airlines amenity kit

This could’ve said American Airlines

Now, full confession: I rarely use anything in amenity kits.  Even before I had the blog and gave most of them away, I never really used the products (outside of the toothbrush obvi).  To me they’re just another sword to rattle at the competition and a marketing vehicle for the airline.  You’d think they’d at least put the name of the airline on the outside of the kit!

Anyway, calmer heads prevailed and I scoured through the rest of the kit and finally found the American branding.

american airlines amenity kit

Ah, inside cover

There was also a small logo on the eye mask.

american airlines amenity kit

Eye mask

Aside from that it was a typical amenity kit with some nicer skincare brands (I guess?).  Everything came in its own wrapper that was labeled in a very bold typeface so I sort of felt like I was at a W Hotel, where everything is labeled for some reason.

american airlines amenity kit

Example of everything being wrapped and labeled

american airlines amenity kit


The socks looked comfortable and matched the rest of the color scheme well.  Aside from that, it was just a regular amenity kit.  I wish American would have kept their Heritage amenity kit because they get to tell a story of their past without costing much more than this.  Then again, if you’re a Cole Haan enthusiast then this might be right up your alley.  I dunno.


What do you think of the new amenity kits?

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