Spring has sprung in New York City, where I’ve been all weekend. In the past week the flora and fauna of Central Park have exploded in a beautiful symphony of color and smell that has left at least one travel blogger named Andy in awe. It was all I could do to turn my camera and lens towards a familiar scene.

Near the midpoint of Central Park are iconic ponds and lakes.  Spanning one of those lakes is the Bow Bridge.  As part of any walk around the park you should find this bridge.  For a while you will almost feel like you’re not presently in the center of the world, rather out for a stroll where birds and nature sing their song.  The Bow Bridge is the centerpiece of this week’s picture of the week.

picture of the week

Bow Bridge at Dawn

For the photographers: This was shot at f22 so I could try and drag the shutter as much as possible.  The Sony a7rII allows you to (via software) go down to ISO 50 (basically they overexpose an entire stop and then lower the exposure before saving the raw image) which enabled me to get a 1.3 second exposure here.  Once I got back into Lightroom and Photoshop I still didn’t like how the water looked so I applied a motion blur effect to that water which made it look nice and still.

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