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The Cinque Terre in Italy is simply amazing.  As I gushed about in my post late last week, I went to Vernazza to take some epic pictures and actually ended up with a new all-time favorite.  The next morning (my last in Vernazza) I went out to find some other good photos a little closer into the village.  Vernazza features a little harbor where little tourist boats and ferries can dock up, making the journey between the various villages of Cinque Terre a little easier.  There are also quite a few local fishermen who will head out early in the morning to catch some fish, then they head right back to the local restaurants and sell them the ingredients for that night’s dinner!  It’s just a really cool place, very quaint and foreign-feeling.

The early morning sky diffused the light, which made for a really interesting photo.  I liked this composition because the boats in the foreground anchor everything visually but there is still plenty of detail if you want to zoom in and explore!  So let’s check it out, this week’s picture of the week!

Vernazza Awakens

Vernazza Awakens

For the photographers: This one actually didn’t take too much in post-production.  I shot this as part of a time lapse but ended up liking the single image so much that I just went with it.  As you can see, in the foreground the boats are a little blurry because this was a long exposure.  Settings were f8, ISO 100, and exposure time was 4 seconds.  I wish I would’ve bumped my ISO a little bit to get the boats a little crisper up front but ultimately I’m fine with it.  I processed using my typical workflow, edited highlights and shadows then set black and white levels in Lightroom then it was off to Photoshop for Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Nik Define 2, and some high-pass sharpening.


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