What’s the Points – Revenue-based AAdvantage, The Flight Deal, Glass Jetways

I’m back with episode 002 of What’s the Points!  Today we cover the changes that took place to American’s AAdvantage program yesterday, my favorite deal-finding site, and a curious story about glass jetways.

My take on yesterday’s AAdvantage changes

Lucky’s thoughts

Gary’s view


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Lufthansa Flyer’s story


What did you think of this Episode?  What would you like to hear about in future episodes?

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  1. I’m a visual kind of girl, Andy, and I liked the video. Your disappointment showed.
    For me, the March devaluation was bad enough but with these most recent changes AA has lost my loyalty. Yes I’m a business flyer and I’ve flown the last 4 years to/from AA hub cities – that won’t change any time soon – however I just booked 4th quarter personal flights for DEN, SAN and LAX on United. I’m disappointed as well.


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