Well I made the decision to get the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card.  I’ll go into why in a separate post, but the friendly UPS guy delivered it to the house just a little while ago.  Like with most things, I couldn’t help but do a little photoshoot of it.

chase sapphire reserve

My Chase Sapphire Reserve

First Impression

How’s it feel?  If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred then it’ll be very familiar to you.  It’s metal, feels very premium, and comes in an ornate jade case that, when opened, emits a dramatic fog while a chorus of angels sings envelope that’s pretty similar to every other credit card I’ve ever received.

Anyway, just wanted to brag share the news with you, stay tuned for my reasons why I got it!

[note: why am I not including any links to where you can apply for the card yourself?  While I decided it was a great value for me I don’t want you to all of a sudden go apply for a credit card just because you read about it on my blog.  I’m not a financial advisor and I don’t know your financial situation.  Should you decide to apply, go to one of the other bloggers for a referral link or head directly to Chase’s website, but make sure you’ve considered the pros and cons before opening any new line of credit]

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