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Antelope Canyon is on photography bucket lists around the world.  People save up for years to make the journey to this epic slot canyon located just outside of Page, Arizona.  You’ve no doubt seen incredible pictures from Antelope Canyon (or similar slot canyons) and I wanted to add my images to the pile.  My visit to the canyon was a wonderful first adventure but I cannot wait to go back!


The canyon is narrow at points but is easily walkable.  You’ll encounter tons of people on your tour, so if you’re looking to take epic pictures go ahead and spend the money for a photography tour, your Navajo guides will try to hold traffic to give you a few minutes of empty canyon at certain places so you can get your pictures.


As you make your way through the canyon you’ll notice the light from the sun will cast dramatic shadows and blinding light in places, use this light to your advantage to create leading lines in your shots!


It’s tempting to focus on the floor of the canyon, but don’t forget to look up.  There’s a fine layer of dust in the canyon from all the foot traffic, which makes for some great haze and added atmosphere.


When you look directly up out of the slot canyon you’ll likely be blasted by the sunlight, since it’s so dark in the canyon.  While I love the picture above I want another chance at it with my current camera gear, last time I didn’t really know what I was doing.  The shadows are mind-blowingly dramatic though!


The colors in the canyon change quickly depending on the angle of the sun.  Yes I enhanced the saturation on this one, but as I was about to leave the canyon I looked back at this scene and watched as the light began taking on a purple hue.  Truly a mind-blowing experience!


Which of these is your favorite?  Have you been to Antelope Canyon?  Share your pictures in the comments below!

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