It’s the holiday season again, so of course today you’re seeing hundreds of MEGA AWESOME SUPER BLACK FRIDAY OMG BUY THIS sort of deals out there and I’ll offer mine to you as well:

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Ok, not the best deal out there but that’s ok.  Because it’s holiday season and because I know travelers are hard to shop for I wanted to put together a little list of things that will be perfect for any traveler on your shopping list.  [note: many of the links will be courtesy of our referral partners, through which I may receive a small commission, thanks for your support!]

1. Portable USB Charger


I love these little things.  They’re cheap and have been a lifesaver for me many times over.  They’re rated by mAh and the more the better (obviously).  There are like 15 million versions of these out there but I’ll make two recommendations:

  • If you just want to recharge iPhones and whatnot get the Anker PowerCore 10000.  It packs plenty of power into a really small size.
  • My camera can be charged by a USB charger so I like carrying around some more power.  If you need a ton of power get the EC Technology 22400 charger (pictured above).  It weighs a bit more and takes up more space but it’s worth it to me.

2. Portable power strip


I love my Belkin power strip.  It’s been with me around the world and it’s nearly as important to me as my passport.  Not only do you get 3 plugs but also two USB plugs in a really small form factor.  It’s perfect for those annoying hotel rooms where there is only one plug next to the bed when you have 3+ devices to charge.

3. Travel Blazer

Bluffworks Blazer

You’ve heard me go on and on about my Bluffworks travel blazer and since then I’ve gotten to travel with it even more.  It really is as good as they claim.  It’s on sale today for $270, but even at $295 I think it’s worth it.  Head over to Bluffworks to purchase.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones


Noise canceling headphones have changed travel for me.  Wireless noise canceling headphones may have changed my life.  The Bose QC35 headphones are the perfect blend of sound quality and value for me.  Although they’re not cheap, they’re worth it to me.  And, yes, they come with a wire should you need to plug into an airplane in-flight entertainment system.  I went with the QC35 over the QC30 because the case size wasn’t really that much bigger in comparison and I love having an over-the-ear headphone instead of an in-ear, but if you prefer the in-ear the QC30 are near perfect as well.


I hope this has given you some good ideas!  These are things I use on every single trip and it’s easy to get lost in the “what type of luggage do I get for someone” mindset while overlooking little things like these.

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