So I have a bit of a fascination with tulips.  Speaking generally I like flowers, mainly because I’m a huge fan of Spring (at least for the two weeks we have it in Texas before the weather goes into Convection Mode and we all burn alive), but there’s something special about tulips for me.  Lupines also, but I haven’t seen any of those in bloom yet so oh well.

A few years back my good friend Bethany and I made our way to Amsterdam and went out to the Keukenhof gardens, some of the most famous and enormous tulip displays in the world.  We were about two weeks too early to see the tulips in full bloom but I still got some good pictures of the tulips in one of the greenhouse areas.

I’m not going to Amsterdam any time soon but recently found out about a tulip farm just north of Dallas near the small town of Pilot Point.  The farm is called Texas Tulips and their website is here.  I paid $3 to enter the farm, Sony a7rIII and a bunch of lenses in hand, and started taking pictures.

The tulip field was quite large and many of the tulips were yet to bloom but they had plenty of early bloomers which absolutely shone in the midday sun!

They provide baskets for people who would like to cut some tulips for those who would like to take some home at the reasonably price of $2.50/stem.  I didn’t want to cut any since I have kind of a murderous reputation with plants of my own, I’d rather just look at them in their respective fields.

After a while I decided to switch to one of my favorite lenses, the Sony 90mm macro, for some super up close and detailed shots of the tulips.

Going through my pictures from yesterday the following picture jumped out at me as my favorite.  Accidentally perfect composition (it was incredibly windy yesterday so the flowers were moving all over the place), beautiful color depth from my a7rIII, and a gorgeous tulip as well!

If you’re into tulips or love flowers or want to take cute pictures of your kids this place will be just about perfect for you!

(Note: this post isn’t sponsored by Texas Tulips, just me talking about my visit there)

Anyway, hopefully this will be a good alternative for people who can’t make it out to Keukenhof this year, hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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