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Bluffworks Blazer

Yours truly with my Bluffworks Blazer and Bluffworks chinos

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time you know I support my friends at Bluffworks.  They sent me some of their pants to review a couple of years ago and, instead of doing the typical boring “I tried these pants on these pants fit well I like these pants you should buy these pants” blog review, I put the pants through a thorough test and took them to Hong Kong and then hiked the Great Wall of China with them.

The pants, to put it mildly, were awesome!  Then they reached back out and said “hey, we’re releasing a blazer, do something crazy to test it.”  Soooo I did some olympic weightlifting at my local CrossFit gym.

Anyway, here’s the great news: Bluffworks is having an early sale for the holidays, taking up to 30% off of their best selling items as well as lots of new product releases!

  • 25% off Gramercy Blazer – Sale $220
  • 30% off Gramercy Pants – Sale $98
  • 30% off Chino Pants – Sale $88
  • 30% off Original Pants – Sale $68
  • 15% off Meridian Dress Shirt – Sale $85

No coupon code is needed, all you have to do is head to the Bluffworks site and order like usual, their product pages have already been updated with the new pricing.

New Bluffworks products and the upcoming women’s line!

Bluffworks recently announced 3 new products which I am super excited about, two of which are available for pre-order now.

Horizon Quilted Vest

Horizon Quilted Vest – Preorders available today!

I’m a vest enthusiast and am really looking forward to getting one of these in, especially with the awesome quilted pattern.

Eardley Cap

Eardley Cap – Preorders available today!

The only caps I own are from my university (which I love), but it’ll be nice having one of these where the branding is a bit more subtle, I like the design of it as well!

Departure Jeans and the women’s line

I’m super excited Bluffworks will be releasing jeans in 2019 as well as their first-ever clothing line for women!  They’re pushing the envelope and constantly innovating to bring out some wonderful and versatile products.

In Summary

Overall I think Bluffworks is a great place to start your holiday shopping.  Their products are high quality, wrinkle-free, and machine washable!  Not just that but they’re a good company full of great people who are solving the problems of the frequent flyer with their clothing.  I wear my Bluffworks gear on almost every business trip now because it’s so dang durable.

Stay tuned, more deal posts coming up for the holidays!

(Disclaimer about my relationship with Bluffworks)

I always try to be honest with my readers about my relationships with vendors.  Bluffworks sends me clothes every once in a while to test but did not in any way sponsor, write, or otherwise influence this post.  I’ve gotten to know many of the Bluffworks staff and consider them friends.  I’m posting about their deals because it’s relevant to my audience and because I believe in supporting my friends and the story they’re telling!

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