Pictures of the Week: Stockholm’s Metro, my first ever repost

Ok, why am I reposting these amazing pictures from Stockholm’s Tunnelbana system?  Well, I love them, and they’re some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  This time last year I was landing in Stockholm (my bags wouldn’t make it until a day later) and Sweden was on my mind.  I didn’t take any pictures this week (for the blog anyway) so I thought it might be a nice stroll down memory lane!

The various stations of Stockholm’s metro system are given to local artists to design a new color scheme/design.  The designs are as various as you can imagine, and I spent an entire morning riding around to various stations just to explore!  I want to go back and see every one of them but man I still go back to these pictures as some of my favorites.  I love it when art and infrastructure can coalesce like this.

So, apologies for the repost but I think the Stockholm Tunnelbana is worth it!


  1. Had no idea this existed. Super cool

  2. stunning photos

  3. Looks creepy.

  4. A complete opposite from Washington, DC’s metro. Brutalist, Uniformity in the ceilings. Not like Stockholm, which looks like a natural cave.

  5. They were great when I lived there in ’92 but they’ve gotten even more impressive!


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